Professional Certificate In Management For Productivity & Quality

The “Professional Certificate In Management For Productivity & Quality” aims to equip the participant with the skills to enhance the productivity of their organizations with the best practices in production and services in order to improve the quality of products and services.  In this competitive business environment, the skills to eliminate wastes and optimize the work processes will ultimately result in cost savings that is much treasured. Managers, engineers & executives are highly encourage to pick up the skills for enhancing productivity and quality with world class best practices. At the same time, the participants will also be exposed to the quality & productivity management mindset and risk based thinking that will ultimately enhance the quality and success of the departments and organizations that they manage.

Program Objectives

After attending this professional certification program, participants should be able to:


Explain the quality & productivity management mindset  

Describe the real value of the product or service in the eyes of the customer

Explain the methods to eliminate wastes in the organization to enhance cost savings

List & explain the real value  of the product & process in the eyes of the customer

Describe the technique to organize the work place to enhance productivity & safety

Explain how to calculate equipment effectiveness & ways to improve their effectiveness

 Explain the best practices for continual improvement & how to apply it in your organization 


Four Days.

Online Registration  

Awarding Body

The Institute Of Management Specialist