Professional Certificate In Quality Design/Process Engineering

The “Professional Certificate In Quality Engineering” aims to equip the participant with the skills to design products & production processes of high quality. Executives & engineers in production, process, test, quality, maintenance, design, research, development and other technical areas are highly encourage to pick up the skills to identify the real value of their work in the eyes of the customer so that they can enhance productivity & minimise waste. At the same time, the participants will also be exposed to DFMEA & PFMEA to promote a deeper understanding of their design and processes while reducing the risk of failure via the risk management techniques that will enhance the quality, robustness and success of the design processes they handle.

Program Objectives

After attending this professional certification program, participants should be able to:


List & explain the quality management principles
Describe the quality & productive mindset in design & process engineering

Explain the best practices in process optimization to enhance efficiency & productivity

Describe the objectives, benefits &processes in DFMEA & PFMEA

List & explain the real value  of the product & process in the eyes of the customer

Describe best practices to identify, prioritize & manage risks in product design

Describe the best practices to identify, priortise & manage risks in production processes

  Explain the methodology to design robust products & production processes


Four Days.

Online Registration  

Awarding Body

The Institute Of Management Specialist