Professional Certificate In Quality Tools & Methods

The “Professional Certificate In Quality Tools & Methods” aims to equip the participant with the skills to plan & manage their daily work & projects and to solve problems that may arise using the quality tools and methods recognised internationally in order to become more productive, systematic and efficient. Executives need quality tools & methods to provide guidance that comes with systematic procedures & practices that enables them to execute their daily work and projects efficiently and produce work of high quality. Some of the quality tools covered in this program include the Quality Management Principles, critical thinking, problem solving, root cause analysis, the 7 QC Tools and Poka-Yoke. These quality tools and methods when used correctly has vast potential to greatly enhance the productivity and efficiency of the managers, executives, technicians and engineers with the end result of enhancing the output & quality while at the same time reducing the costs of their respective organizations.

Program Objectives

After attending this professional certification program, participants should be able to:

Describe how to apply Quality Management Principles in your working environment

List and explain the quality tools and methods used to improve work quality & efficiency

Explain the best practices in problem solving methodology

Describe the key steps and processes of root cause analysis

Explain the concept of management by fact in quality methods

List the 7 QC Tools and explain the function and usage of each tool

Describe the methodologies to enhance critical & creative thinking

 Explain what is Poka-Yoke and describe the process

 Describe the difference between corrective and preventive actions

 Explain why quality tools & methods can enhance productivity & quality


Three Days.

Online Registration  

Awarding Body

The Institute Of Management Specialist