Professional Certificate In Management & Leadership In Industry 4.0

The “Professional Certificate In Management & Leadership” aims to equip the participant with the skills to lead and manage a team of employees to achieve the department objectives. The aim is to expose the participants to the best practices in management & leadership in the era of Industry 4.0 so that they may be better equipped to help their organizations to engage employees towards achieving higher productivity & retention of employees. This certification is conducted through a series of interesting activities and presentations that are designed to fully engage the participants & enhance their learning experience. Seasoned managers must not miss this opportunity to update and enhance their skills while new managers will benefit from this exposure to the some of the best practices in management.


Program Objectives

After attending this professional certification program, participants should be able to:


List & explain the functions of a manager in the Workforce Revolution

Describe the leadership skills for success in the era of Industry 4.0

List & explain the 8 practices of a successful executive

Explain the best practices in engaging &  motivating team members

Describe the strategic vision to achieve organization objectives

 Describe the team building & team management best practices

  Explain the practices to energize the workplace in order to enhance productivity


Program Contents

Functions Of Management During The Workforce Revolution In Industry 4.0

Leadership Skills In The Industry 4.0 Era

The 8 Practices Of a Successful Executive

Aligning People To Organization Goals & Direction For Success

Best Practices In Engaging & Motivating Team Members

Managing Conflict & Challenging Situations

 Team Building & Team Management

Energizing The Workplace For Higher Productivity & Retention



Three Days

Online Registration  

Awarding Body

The Institute Of Management Specialist